In a world…

…where the relationship between history and film conjures up ideas of rage-inducing historical inaccuracies and of dusty, elbow-patched professors, two Sheffield-based History PhD students decided there was more to say about cinema and the past. Raiders of the Lost Archives is our attempt to offer new interpretations on both the history of cinema and history within the movies, bringing together a love of film with the depth, breadth, and innovation of analysis that historical scholarship requires.

We want Raiders of the Lost Archives to be a space for historians to interpret films in new ways, for analyses to reach beyond the pages of an academic journal or a fleeting reference in a powerpoint, to think about why films are important and what they can tell us about wider cultures at the time they were made, the times and people they portray, and the historical memories within them.

Basically, we just thought it might be fun and a good opportunity to write about something we love.

Pieces can be anything from 750-1000 words (though we’re potentially flexible either way if you feel strongly enough!) and you can write about anything – whole genres or individual films or tv episodes and series; the representation of something you work on in popular culture, or their absence from it. You can rant about stereotypes or praise film as a medium for understanding the past, analyse how pop culture engages with the past, or offer a critique of historical inaccuracy (or, indeed, if and why this matters).